Quality Control &

Quality Control

Our manufacturing & testing requirements are of the highest industry standards.

KARORA is proudly manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. From initial concept to completion, our innovative Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), Whey protein Isolate (WPI) powders and Meal Replacement Shakes have undergone stringent manufacturing processes, testing and food safety measures to ensure the highest quality whey protein on the market.

KARORA branded WPC; WPI & MRS are formulated to our own unique requirements and has been given a solid stamp of approval by our chosen and highly qualified team. The final result is amazing tasting KARORA products that rivals all our competitors.

Certification Standards

Australia is considered the best in the world for its high quality dairy products. KARORA is forging the way in superior product development while utilising the finest quality raw ingredients available internationally. With access to cutting edge technology, our manufacturing processes operates under strict Quality and Food Safety Systems including:

  • AQIS Certification
  • BRC Certification
  • HACCP Certification
  • ISO9001 Certification
  • Organic & Fairtrade Certification
Investing in world-class manufacturing to bring you the finest nutritional powders, meal replacement shakes & dairy products globally.

KARORA has teamed up with Australia’s leading manufacturing facility, which has been awarded the highest quality standard achievable by BRC Global Food Safety Standards. With a AA rating for the blending and packing of dairy and non-dairy powder mixes for drinks, bakery, dessert mixes, soups and other food ingredients, we are proud to be associated with a world class manufacturing team.

KARORA complies with the following standards and regulations:
  • Health Act 1984 (Victoria) & also adopts the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code
  • Certified by Dairy Food Safety Victoria and holds license to manufacture dry blend dairy products
  • Australian Department of Agriculture & Water Resources - registered as an export ready establishment
As a part of our ongoing Research & Development strategies, KARORA has formed a strong alliance with Nature’s Boon in North India. Nature’s Boon is the only importer of Karora’s products to India..

As a part of our ongoing Research & Development strategies, KARORA has formed a strong alliance with a leading distribution company in North India. This has proven to be a huge step forward for the KARORA brand. Continuing to build a strong international presence is one of the best ways for us to bring awareness to our quality range of Australian made products.

For extra peace of mind, all our products undergo further testing in international countries, before they are released to our distributors in their respective locations.

Interested in becoming a KARORA stockist?

Please contact us on: info@karora.com.au to discuss your individual requirements.