Who is

We're a 100% Australian owned and operated company dedicated to supplying high quality nutritional products locally and internationally.

The KARORA brand is a fairly young and innovative business that is taking off at a rapid pace. With over 15 years combined experience in nutrition, fitness and extensive research and development (R&D), we have formulated an exceptional range of products sourced from 100% Australian raw ingredients.

Manufactured to the highest standard, KARORA is based on solid nutritional science and rigorous quality control measures. We are proud to be a locally owned business in Melbourne, Australia; leading the way with high quality meal replacement shakes, protein powders, ghee and dairy products in the marketplace.

Our Vision

Locally owned with a global vision

Our mission is plain and simple. We want our customers to believe in the KARORA brand and value the authenticity and quality of our products. Our objective is to build trust and continue providing clients with the highest quality products and services across the wellness industry. Further expansion and growth within Australia and internationally is where we envisage KARORA to be in the near future.

With no artificial ingredients used in any of our nutritional products, we know you will love it just as much as we do.
  • Highest quality raw ingredients
  • 100% Australian owned & operated
  • Strict quality control measures
  • Superior mixing & blending qualities
  • Boosts body, mind & energy levels
  • Promotes greater health & wellbeing
  • Promotes performance, muscle & strength capabilities
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The KARORA Range

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For more information on KARORA products and how to become an exclusive stockist, please contact us on info@karora.com.au or simply fill in our online form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Premium nutrition
for the whole family

Tasty & delicious whey protein powders, meal replacement shakes and dairy products packed full of goodness

We're a vibrant and innovative company that is passionate about your general health and wellbeing. Our team has sourced the perfect blend of high quality ingredients to bring you the most nutritious and healthiest whey protein powder, meal replacement shakes and dairy products on the market.

Whether you'd like to shed a few kilos, improve your muscle performance during workouts or simply start living a healthier lifestyle, KARORA's range of products can help you achieve your health and nutritional goals faster.

Sprinkle it on your breakfast cereal, add it to your smoothies or simply enjoy it on its own as a complete meal replacement. Our versatile ranges provide the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling amazing all day, everyday.

Delicious protein shakes to complement your active lifestyle

Packed with high quality nutrients, pure whey protein, dietary fibre and essential amino acids, KARORA's unique blend of ingredients helps to promote lean muscle recovery and sustained energy throughout the day, keeping you fuller for longer.

With a range of different flavours available including Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, our whey protein powders and meal replacement shakes have never tasted so good. Whether you're a passionate gym junkie, recreational sporting enthusiast or you're simply thinking of adopting healthier eating habits for the whole family, KARORA will help keep your healthy lifestyle goals on track.

We are proudly Australian owned and committed to delivering the highest quality nutritional products that everyone can enjoy.